What is Grupo M.E.S.E?

The Medida y Evaluación de Sistemas Educativos Group (Education System Measurement and Assessment Group - M.E.S.E.) is a Complutense University of Madrid research group that was formally founded in 2005, although the original team started work in 2002. It is led by Dr José Luis Gaviria Soto, Professor and Head of the Department of Research and Diagnosis Methods in Education and President of the Spanish Pedagogy Society.

Having accumulated more than twenty years of academic and professional experience in the area of educational assessment, Professor Gaviria leads a group of 13 researchers with the main aim of generating, applying and transmitting technical, methodological and conceptual knowledge regarding educational assessment processes (educational systems, curricula, teachers and pupils) in all phases (design and construction of tests, data analysis with psychometric models and advanced statistics, and the production of results reports for a number of different target audiences).

The group’s interests are especially centred on problems related to measuring processes and to models, procedures and techniques for analysing more useful and efficient data within the context of educational assessment.

Our research work of late has centred on the development of multivariate and longitudinal multilevel models for the analysis of education system assessments with an emphasis on change and individual and organisational growth models in school contexts. Other interests include multivariate models for continuous and discrete data in addition to modern psychometric models.

The M.E.S.E. group has vast experience in the provision of technical advice and in the design and development of projects to assess the school system organised by education authorities in Spain (the autonomous communities of Madrid, Valencia, Navarre and La Rioja) and in Latin America (Brazil, Mexico).

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